Retirement Security

After a lifetime of hard work, Rhode Island’s seniors have earned the right to enjoy their retirement years with dignity, financial security and quality affordable health care. It is critically important to David that we provide our nation’s seniors with access to quality health care, affordable prescription drugs, a secure retirement, safe housing, and responsive transportation services that help seniors live active and fulfilling lives.

Our government must honor the promises it makes, and David is fighting in Congress to protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

David is a member of the House Democratic Seniors Task Force and the Affordable Drug Pricing Task Force, as well as a co-sponsor of the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act, legislation that would authorize the negotiation of discounted prescription drug prices for Medicare. This legislation is estimated to save taxpayers billions of dollars while also lowering the cost of prescription drugs discounted for seniors.

We can also provide seniors a more dignified retirement – and reduce spending – by investing in research, prevention, and allowing greater flexibility in Medicare spending.

That is why David has cosponsored the Home Healthcare Planning Improvement Act, which would expand the range of home health services covered by Medicare. With simple, cost-effective supports, many seniors can continue to live at home, independently, and delay or avoid a costly nursing home stay.

David is a cosponsor of the Alzheimer’s Hope Act that would expand Medicare to cover comprehensive Alzheimer’s disease planning services, so families get the help they need when wrestling with this devastating condition. With Rhode Island being a national hub of such work, this not only offers hope for tomorrow but jobs for today. 

David is committed to protecting Social Security and has cosponsored legislation that would help strengthen the Social Security Trust Fund while also improving the Cost of Living Adjustment formula to better reflect price changes in the goods and services regularly purchased by seniors. He has led the fight in Congress against “Chained CPI,” which would reduce cost-of-living adjustments for Rhode Island’s seniors over time. David also opposes the raising of the Social Security eligibility age or any effort to privatize the system. 


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