Cicilline Statement on Biden Victory

Saturday, November 7, 2020

“The American people have now spoken. We choose hope over fear, unity over division, science over fiction, and truth over lies. We choose to take back our democracy and to begin the difficult work of restoring the soul of our country.”
“President-elect Joe Biden is the right man for this moment in our history. He will restore honor, decency, and integrity to the Oval Office. Along with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, he will bring our country together and heal the wounds of the last four years.”
“I have never been more confident than I am right now that America’s best days are ahead. We have shown the world this week that our country is better than the hatred and division that Donald Trump promoted these last four years. Most importantly, we will soon be able to get to work on the most urgent issues facing America's families. The American people deserve an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a real plan to rebuild our economy and reward hard work, and a permanent end to the self-dealing and corruption of the Trump administration. With Joe Biden in the White House, we will be able to start delivering those solutions."
“I am proud to congratulate President-elect Biden on his victory. I wish him success. I look forward to doing whatever I can to help him with the hard work to come.”


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