Cicilline Praises President Biden’s American Jobs Plan

PAWTUCKET — U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01) issued the following statement today:

“President Biden’s American Jobs Plan is the kind of bold, innovative investment in America’s future that we have not seen since we built the interstate highways and won the space race. As all of us continue working to crush the virus, it’s critical that we remember we can’t just build back to the way things were before. This is a time for us to reimagine and rebuild a new economy that works for all Americans, not just the wealthy. The American Jobs Plan will make this possible by creating millions of good-paying jobs, rebuilding our infrastructure, and positioning us to out-compete China in the years ahead.”

“I’m especially pleased that President Biden’s American Jobs Plan addresses some of our most pressing priorities here in Rhode Island. It will rebuild our national transportation infrastructure by modernizing 20,000 miles of roads and doubling federal support for public transit. It will put us on track towards a more sustainable future by electrifying our transportation system and building a network of half a million electric vehicle charging stations. It will ensure every American has access to clean drinking water by replacing lead service lines and pipes that still serve up to ten million homes in our country. It will double the number of registered apprenticeships so that more Americans can take advantage of the jobs this plan creates.”

“I look forward to continuing to work with the administration and my colleagues to ensure that we seize this moment and make the investments that our country needs right now."


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